Make it safer – Support the drive against sexual harassment
Make it safer – Support the drive against sexual harassment.

Here’s an alarming fact. Breakthrough’s work with women and girls shows that the person most vulnerable to sexual harassment is the schoolgirl. Too young to understand, too powerless to defend herself, she faces many threats on the way to school, from cat-calls and leers to worse. She is pulled out of school and the chain of events that follows can destroy her young life.


If you believe this must stop, support our effort.


Breakthrough’s #MakeitSafer programme is conducting over 300 activities in 16 districts over the next 2 months to make the journey to school safer for young girls. From workshops that make boys more sensitive to girls’ reality, to working with the police, village communities, school authorities, bus drivers and more, we are making the safety of girls a priority.

YOU can contribute. We need Rs. 1 crore to fund the drive. We’re asking every supporter to help make this happen. Donate. Spread the word. Raise funds. Every bit builds a safer life for our girls.


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