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Feminist Song Listicle For Any Day Of The Week – Part 3.

Music can be called the official language for everyone. The songs and the lyrics are some things which bring everyone together. Listening to your favourite songs can boost your mood. From being your breakup healer to being your party partner, you can never overlook music. 

You may have not realized it, but every one of us is addicted to music. And believe me, it’s a good addiction. Why? Well, let’s start by talking about the concept of equality. For ages, women have been fighting for the position which they deserve, and they are facing a number of issues. I know how hard it is for feminists who try hard to make the people understand what actually feminism means. 

A feminist is not someone who considers females to be superior, nor does a feminist want to be treated more than a man. A feminist is someone who just wants equal rights for women in society. As everyone knows, women empowerment has evolved to be a big part of movies, songs and television series. There are various songs and albums which talk about empowering women and celebrating their existence. Everyone is trying their best to encourage people to respect women and treat them equally without causing any injustice.

As of now when everyone is at home taking a break, I am here sharing with you some of my favourite songs which you should try.  So women, take some time out for yourselves, and listen to these 7 songs which will add the right amount of motivation for you:

1. Kudi Nu Nachne De: The new dance anthem for every girl of every age of every size and colour. The song has every woman grooving once it begins playing. Badi badi baat teri,  choti choti soch  kyun hai ji… oh paaji is the answer to every person who restricts his daughters/wife/sisters or any woman from enjoying life.

2. Rupaiya: The song is for every Indian girl and talks about the dowry system. Almost 1 woman died every hour in India due to dowry-related violence (Indiaspend, 2013). The song is a great source of empowerment for women. In each and every line, it defines the strength of a woman.  Mujhe kya bechega rupaiya, kya shadi ke aage zindigi hi nahi, jo shadi hisbako ke bhal hai bahi, ese shadi ki mujhe zaroorat nahi – these lines are beautifully sung and expressed by Sona Mohapatra.

3. Dhaakad:  From the famous dialogue “chori hai samaj ke ladio, bass chori samjak ke na ladio” to “mahri chori choron se kam hai ke” – the movie and the song broke through stereotypes in society. Each and every line in the music gives the sense of strength the girls possess. Just the right amount of motivation for your day.

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4. 7 Rings: For the people who think that women need a man in their lives, this song clears the air. “Wearing a ring but ain’t gonna be no Mrs” is a perfect mix of independence and confidence. For every self-sufficient woman, this song adds the right amount of confidence in you.

5. Flawless: Musically put together are the answers to every thought of the society, in Beyonce style. “We flawless ladies woke up like this” – the lyrics give the message loud and clear. For every girl who relates to the restrictions of society  it’s a must on your playlist.

6. Ain’t Your Mama: “Lucky to have these curves, stop getting on my nerves… I ain’t gonna be cooking all day, I ain’t your mama.” This is the not-to-take-me-for-granted song. If you are the only one sacrificing your dreams in your relationship this song is all about what you should do next in your life.

7.  Bekhauff: “Bekhauff asad hai kehna mujhe,  bekhauff asad hai rehna mujhe” – the words said aloud in the song are the words in the heart of every Indian girl. This is India’s new anti-rape anthem and a must on your playlist.

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