In Focus 3rd December, 2015

I Shared my Story With my Son on Sexual harassment.

Let me introduce myself first, I am a Puppeteer and Research Scholar. I am in early 40s and I do puppet shows to create awareness about sexual harassment. This happened when I was going on my two wheeler wearing a kurta with leggings, sunglasses on and head covered with scarf. Six guys (around 22-30 years) in two motor bikes who were in the opposite directions where screaming and having fun waved at me with weird gestures. As I was on my way I did not pay much attention but felt sad what would be the case of teenagers and other young women if they could do to me. They took a U turn and followed me and stopped before me. I also had to stop. One of the guy started passing comments and others joined and were laughing.
In the meanwhile on the guy asked me “Kyon Chalegi??”

I replied: “Tum kaho to tumhari Maa bhi chalegi”. “Bulau…”.. I just stood strong and stared at them.

Quietly they left….

By then few passer by gathered and the traffic police came over and noted their bike numbers. I came home and told this to my son who is a teenager.

According to 2012 study conducted in Delhi reveals that 92 per cent of women reported having experienced some form of sexual violence in public spaces in their lifetime, and 88 per cent of women reported having experienced some form of verbal sexual harassment (including unwelcome comments of a sexual nature, whistling, leering or making obscene gestures) in their lifetime. So, can estimate rest.

When I shared this with my son and also others especially teenagers and youth who work as volunteers and undergo Internship in our organization were proud of me for the reason that I was assertive and strong enough to face this incidence.

I have no problem in sharing my story. You can do it in reaching many many women and girls across our country.

Authored by Padmini

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