The Breakthrough Voice 11th January, 2017


A dystopian future. Rubble piles up on road sides, a grey layer of mist and smog hangs in the lower atmosphere. Decapitated bodies of the fallen defenders of planet Earth bear testament to the fierce battle that ensued, a battle that will not be written about. Planet Earth has been conquered by the citizens of the planet Gazorp in Galaxy XC-91.

The barbarism and the slaughter has been unparalleled in Milky Way history. In the midst of all the destitution, a Gazorpian blob hobbles up to an Earthling and says “kra ur kreu oem” loosely translated to “Not all Gazorpians”.

The aforementioned Gazorpian, “Zin Kru XII” pointed to the “Zaer krone” or the “Primitive Planets Defense League”, a non-violent, peaceful, elite think tank publishing articles about the need to be humane with Primitive Life Forms (PLF) on his home planet of Gazorp. “I do not consider Earthlings to be inferior at all.” says Zin, “I think all Earthlings are my equal. Sure, once in a while, an Earthling is killed. But show me a place in the Galaxy where there isn’t crime. Just last week, my 118th kid got mugged at the far end of the galaxy. We are all victims here.” 

“Is he daft?” asks Jenny, a local area human woman, on being read out the comment. Jenny was happily getting her coffee when she was attacked by a group of Gazorpians who hanged her upside down and proceeded to laugh at her for having only four limbs. The planet Earth Gazorpian police were not very helpful and told her to come back with videographic evidence. “Yes, ALL humans have been traumatized by this Gazorpian invasion. Yes ALL humans are afraid to step out of their homes.” says Jenny.

Zin Kru was furious on listening to this comment. “Go ahead, alienate the few Gazorpians on your side. Stop laughing. No pun was intended. It’s just like the plot of the Flammy award winning movie Kre Gaor Moo. These Earthlings are thankless creatures. You just give and give and get nothing back.”

Gazorp’s movies and popular culture have often been criticized for being hostile to other life forms. In the movie, “Kre Gaor Moo” that won the 3 Flammy awards, actor “Bi ggal ien” is seen perpetuating many harmful stereotypes that go on to define the mindset of Gazorpians. “This is exactly the kind of cultural bigotry that most Gazorpian children grow up with.” says author Ni Ceg Uy, who has written numerous articles about Gazorpian cultural chauvinism in Zaer krone.

Ni Ceg Uy adds, “What angers me is that Gazorpian children are taught from an early age that somehow Earthlings and other Primitive planet types deserve to be mocked, insulted, enslaved, and marginalised. This kind of thinking emboldens and in a messed up way legitimises the actions of those that hurt humans.”

So is it high time Gazorp realizes that maybe its social values have been encouraging violence for a long time? Most Gazorpians disagree. I don’t hurt humans. Don’t judge me. Reads a protest sign at the Gazorp Galaxy peace Rally.

Meanwhile, Earthlings continue to live their lives more fearful than they have ever been. Tom Smith of Earth sums it up, “It’s like we’ve all become women.”

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