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5 Twitter Accounts Dedicated To Mental Health And Self-Care.

Disclaimer: This is not an advice-based or diagnosis-based portal. The author of this listicle is living with mental illness and makes these recommendations on a very personal basis.

It is not always possible to have access to round the clock therapy, self-care, individual care and well-being for people experiencing mental health issues. Besides, mental illness can be an excruciatingly lonely experience. In the midst of this, there are small pockets of support available to those of us who can have access to social media, and discover many others like us with similar experiences and resources that can provide us with some solace.

So without further ado, here are 5 Twitter accounts that address mental health issues, provide some support and talk about simple forms of self-care:

1) myselfandhealth

This Twitter account is run by a person with bipolar disorder and anxiety. They share their thoughts and talk about mental health and happiness, often offering short tips for self-care or simply sharing feelings.

2) The Blurt Foundation

The Twitter account for The Blurt Foundation is a support resource for persons living with depression. Through the medium of tweets, The Blurt Foundation breaks down depression and helps us to truly understand what it is. They are dedicated to creating a positive outlook for mental health. They also provide free resources and article links for self-care and supporting people with depression.

3) #MyTipsForMentalHealth

This is not a Twitter account, but a hashtag thread where people from all over the world on Twitter can share their suggestions for what we can do to take care of ourselves. The thread comprises article links, pictures, infographics, support messages and breaking stigmas about mental health. It is a user-generated support thread.

4) poem.exe

You don’t have to be a poetry expert for this one, nor do you have to chase after sentences that always make perfect grammatical sense. This is a bot account that randomly puts together some soothing words in a few lines. The words help us with positive visualisation and think about relaxing settings. They make for a short but pleasant break in an otherwise stressful day.

5) Here’s your reminder

This Twitter account puts together simple and accessible tips for us to take care of ourselves. They put out self-care reminder tweets on a daily basis. The reminders don’t ask for too much, yet those little steps, when carried out daily, can really benefit us in the long run.


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