In Focus 25th April, 2016

50:50 #KeepItEqual App.

What is 50:50 #KeepItEqual App all about?
50:50 represents an inspirational world where men and women are equal. With 50:50 #KeepItEqual App we, at Breakthrough aim to build a community (#BT Gen) of people who desire to see the world as a more equal place and take action for gender equality.

How does 50:50 #KeepItEqual app enable people to take action for gender equality?
We provide our users useful information regarding gender rights and laws so that they can take informed action against gender discrimination. We also engage them through gender campaigns, training programs and social media activism. We do all this with the help of podcasts, videos, chats with experts, blogs, and even offline training events.

Sounds great! How do I get on the app?
Just download it here: You can register yourself by providing your details or just log in with your Facebook or Google+ Account. Your actions can set the gender imbalance right…so don’t wait! Sign up on 50:50 #KeepItEqual NOW!

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