Framing Change 6th May, 2019

Engaging With Gender Through Film: By Students Of Bharati College.

Feminism doesn’t mean to stand against men,
It means to stand for women.

With this motive, Breakthrough’s sensitisation session was started in Bharati College, University of Delhi, in January with the students of the HDFE department in coordination with Shubhika. The sessions began with issue-based trainings on gender. Later on, Shubhika started sessions with the departments of Journalism and Sociology. 

During the issue-based training sessions, there were so many fun activities to make students understand stereotypes and the signs of suppression enforced by society. The sessions helped students to think in a broad manner and improve their perspective towards gender representation and equality. Many videos made by Breakthrough were screened, such as ‘Mann Ke Manjeere‘, ‘Bell Bajao‘ and videos related to women’s representation in cinema. Shubhika worked very hard to make students aware of how to help those they see in pain and how one should not be silent if they face any kind of harassment.

Shubhika later on started sessions by merging the classes of Sociology and Journalism and taught them filmmaking skills – so that they could make short films on topics related to women and their struggles. She gave small assignments like 3 pictures with different angles and 3-shot films, which later resulted in short films on big issues. Shubhika created 10 groups comprising students from both departments in each group. Which was initially chaotic, but interesting in the long run, as we all made new friends and had the experience of working with new people. Students from the Journalism, Sociology and HDFE departments worked hard and created their short films.

Image credit: Department of Journalism, Bharati College

22nd April 2019 was the day of the screening – of all the hard work done by students under the guidance of Shubhika. The event started with an address note and facilitation of people from Breakthrough by the Principal of Bharati College, Dr. Mukti Sanyal. After which a total of 10 short films were screened. They consisted of ‘Pehchaan’ by group 1, ‘Maa’ by group 2, ‘Mere Sapne’ by group 3, ‘Getting Ready’ by group 4, ‘Cyber Bullying’ by group 6, ‘Astitva’ by group 7, ‘Awaaz’ by group 8, ‘TZAIK’ by group 9 and a short film by the students from the HDFE Department. All movies reflected their respective topics fabulously and all the group representatives presented the motive behind choosing their topics, the experience of working in a team with new people and guidance by Shubhika.

Anu Awasthi from the HR Department of Breakthrough shared her valuable words and how students could work with Breakthrough. She told us about many opportunities being given by the organisation. A video of how Breakthrough was affecting change through the campus program was screened, in which students shared their views and experiences of how they had become stronger and more evolved.

Priyanka from Breakthrough shared her views and challenges of how she and Shubhika made it possible to have sessions in Bharati College and she told us about how Shubhika took responsibility when circumstances were not in favour of the initiative. Then Shubhika shared her journey with the students of Journalism and Sociology. In the end, a prize distribution session was held where certificates were given to the students and along with that some students were facilitated with Breakthrough T-Shirts for their hard work during the sessions.

It was indeed an unforgettable moment for us all with Shubhika. We the students are very thankful to her contribution in improving our perspective and knowledge about gender-based issues and we promise that we will try our best to apply those lessons in our lives.

Featured image credit: students of Bharati College. Event album can be found here.

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